my portrait by 3 years little nephew nuhat

Noor Alam is a documentary photographer based in Dhaka,Bangladesh. He  was born in 1980, has finished his 3-year graduation program in photojournalism at PATHSHALA, South Asian Media Academy in 2008.Now work with ZUMA press International(US), Drik Picture Library(BD),The Guardian(UK) as a contributor.


Noor’s works have been published in many Bangladeshi national newspapers and magazines, i.e. The daily Star, the daily New Age, The daily New Nation, The daily Ittefaq, the daily Prothom Alo, the monthly Purple, the weekly Ekattor, tri-monthly Shilparup and international publications including The Guardian(UK), Time Asia (Hong Kong), Himal Magazine (Nepal),TIF(Thalassaemia International Federation) Magazine(Cyprus).Zone zero (Web), The Black Snapper (Web).


Noor’s first solo exhibition Ballads of the Agonized Souls held at Zainul Gallery in May 2009, also a book with the same title launched, which depicts struggles of thalassaemia patients of Bangladesh.His second solo exhibition Tears on Highway held at Chobir Haat in November 2012. Besides, his photos have been shown in several group exhibitions, namely Morten Krogvold Students’ Works in International Photography Festival Chobi Mela IV at National Art Gallery in Dhaka in 2006, Something About Reflections at Alliance Française de Dacca in 2006, Portrait Photography at Goethe Institutes in 2002, Pathshala Students’ Work at Drik Gallery in Dhaka in 2008,Our Stories: Middle Class in Bangladesh at the Goethe-Institute Dhaka in 2009.



2003: Portrait Photographyby famous portrait photographer Nasir Ali Mamun, Bangladesh

2004: Composition & Visual Sensitivity -by famous fine art photographer Hasan                            

          Shorufordin Chandan, Bangladesh

2005: Photography & Globalization-by famous documentary photographer Devid H Wells,USA

2006: Photography & Aesthetics-by fine art photographer Morten Krogvold,Norway

2006: Reportage-Joint Collaborative Program between Pathshala, Bangladesh & Oslo

University College, Oslo, Norway by Witold J Krassowsky, Poland

2006: Photography & Aesthetics-by famous Norwegian fine art photographer

Morten Krogvold, Norway

2009: Representing Establishment in Bangladesh– by Roman Bezjak, Germany

2011: Personal Story Tellingby documentary photographer Shourab Hura, India


 Portrait Photography

Group Exhibition of Photography

Goethe Institute Dhaka


Something About Reflections

Group Exhibition of Photography

Alliance Francaise Dhaka


– Student Works

Group Exhibition of Photography

-Chobi Mela IV an international festival of photography

National Art Gallery Dhaka


Pathshasa’s 10 years Birthday

Group Exhibition of Photography

Drik Gallery Dhaka


Ballads of the Agonized Souls

1st Solo Photograpy Exhibition

Zainul Gallery dhaka


Our Stories: Middle Class in Bangladesh

Group Exhibition of Photography

Goethe-Institute Dhaka


-Challenges of Resettlement

International Conference on Resettlement organize by BTI

Group Exhibition of Photography

Dhaka Sheraton Hotel


4th show of Ballads of the Agonized Souls

14th International Thalassaemia Conference

WOW HOTE, Antalya, Turkey


Tears on Highway

2nd Solo Photography Exhibition

Chobir Haat DÍhaka





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